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November 21, 2021 @ 04:30 AM

Only time I have stomped on the terra, most specifically within Kinnick Stadium:

Bearing the scars of Nick Bell in 1990 and Matt Rodgers in 1991, I went to the game in IC in 1995. Postscript was I sent a sympathy card to my neighbors, both of whom were Iowa alumni. But the postgame was God's gift! Competition, yeah we had that in the 90s (reference: there are two schools to beat Ohio State five times in a row AND THE OTHER IS MICHIGAN), but this game had a mark on it, bearing the trip out. Final gun rings out, I want to plant a flag. This is way before any MSU/ND embrolio. Border war won! I am going to the field! Make it down to the playing turf. Could not believe it. I am taking it all in when a get a hand on the shoulder. Gigs up. Best, I must leave now. Worst, ISP and I am a guest of the state. Turns out it was an Illini fan, one of many! The guy was pulling me into a circle; That circle was about 30 people. IN THE IOWA ENDZONE, we sang and swayed to Alma Mater. No violence. No security. A display and a reminder the Mississippi wasn't deep enough to keep us out. Illinois football was a thing. Hail to the Orange! That was some 26 years ago. Iowa has maintained while we have receded. 2023 should be a tremendous oportunity to travel and be imperialistic. Travel and beat Iowa! Their endzones are diverse!

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