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Altenberger with cheese
November 21, 2021 @ 10:42 AM

Next Saturday will be truly bittersweet. I have twin high school seniors who I’ve been taking to Illini games since they were two. Their first game was 2006 Indiana with those two and me, sitting on the no-longer-there west side upper deck. I have a picture I cherish of them (clinging to me because they were afraid of the height of our seat). We have season tickets. Taken them to probably 50-60 football games over the years. (Was at IC yesterday with one of them.) Saturday will probably be my last with both of them. I doubt both will go to Illinois, so I may never have them both with me again at the same time in Memorial Stadium. If you see a weepy guy taking pictures with his sons in the East side columns on Saturday, that’ll be me. Time goes so fast parents. Cherish it all.

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