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November 22, 2021 @ 08:54 AM

Great story Robert. My dad graduated from Illinois in 1947 after a time in the Marines (Saipan, Iowa JIma). I went to my first Illini games with him in 1963 when I was 8. I asked if we could to the Rose Bowl and he said next time we would. We had tickets for the 1984 game, but he got leukemia and was too sick to go. I still have the tickets somewhere. He died 9 months later (he was62, I was 29), but I still remember watching the game with him on TV (crappy as that game was). I graduated in 1977 and had two daughters who did also. I think of him often when I am in Champaign. One of my daughters was varsity athlete at Illinois and I always think of how proud he would have been seeing her in the Orange and Blue.

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