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November 24, 2021 @ 07:11 AM

Good take on the game, Robert. Concussions are a weird injury that we really don’t understand all that well. While “concussion protocol” is great, and I’m extremely glad we have it, I’m also sure clearing the protocol will never mean a guarantee of being 100%.

I had a concussion from a bicycle crash back in 2014. It was a pretty mild injury, a few stitches and a scraped up face, but nothing that even merited a head CT in the ER. The initial symptoms (confusion, fuzziness) faded away over a week or so. Then about 10 days after the initial knock, I was out on an uphill hike (first real physical exertion) and started to feel dizzy, fuzzy. etc. again. That was the start of a much longer, much harder stretch of. Some combination of what they call “post-concussion syndrome” and anxiety it really did a number on me — brutal insomnia, headaches, the same feeling of only being able to do things for short spells. I will never forget singing in Monteverdi’s Vespers of 1610 — I had a couple of small solos but by the end, I had to sit down even while the rest of the choir stood. Felt just like Curbelo looked last night. Now that’s one of my favorite concert recordings, but it was about two years before I even enjoyed listening to it… before that things were still too fresh.

TL;DR — concussions are weird, and recovery can be very non-linear. I hope we’ve got someone with experience in that realm helping Curbelo through things. In my experience it took over a year to feel really “right” again.

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