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April 2, 2022 @ 03:25 AM

  1. 2004 Illinois basketball vs. Wake Forest (PTHO is on my wall right behind the monitor right now, best sporting event of my life)
  2. 2004 Illinois basketball @Purdue (IlliniBrew sent me and a bunch of others for free)
  3. 2003 Big Ten Tournament Championship Game (my first BTT and we won it -- fell in love with the BTT)
  4. 2005 Big Ten Tournament Championship Game (2 for 2 to start BTTs)
  5. 3/14/13 Illinois basketball vs. Minnesota (BTT buzzer beater, last win I've seen in person)
  6. 2007 Illinois Football vs. Penn State (Regis Benn TD, just an amazing game)
  7. Rose Bowl 2008 (because I got to see Illinois in the Rose Bowl)
  8. 2005 Illinois Football vs. Rutgers (first football game with my brother, cool comeback win to start the Zook era)
  9. 11/19/2010 vs. Maryland (Got to see Illinois win in MSG against my family rival team)
  10. 2005 Illinois Basketball vs. Fairleigh Dickinson (it's fun to see an NCAA win in person - my first NCAA Tournament game)

Worst 2006 Illinois Basketball vs. Penn State 2000 Illinois Football vs. Michigan (tie) All of the Illinois Basketball games I've attended in person since 3/14/13 -- every single one has been a demoralizing defeat.

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