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April 2, 2022 @ 02:24 PM

I can’t do this without including a ton of losses…. But here goes…

  1. illini-Washington 2006. I haven’t watched a second of it since it happened, but it’s the only time I’ve been able to see us play in the tourney in person. It was going great for a while. I hate putting it here, but… here we are.
  2. illini-Arizona 1993. My first game as a student. Resplendent sunny day. An early indoctrination on officiating in Illinois games. Memorable, nonetheless.
  3. illini-Michigan football 1994. A loss, but the stadium rocked so hard back then. 1994 team deserved better than its record.
  4. illini-Indiana hoops 1994. I don’t remember the score but I remember we kicked Knight’s ass pretty good and it was super bowl Sunday.
  5. illini-Minnesota 1993. The blizzard game. Man, it was cold. Freshman year, Dad’s Day. First game my dad attended with me. Great finish.
  6. illini-Wisconsin 2001. Homecoming. big ten championship season. Great game, last football victory I saw in person. Campus was awesome that evening and night. First game Mrs 98 (ASU grad) attended.
  7. Illinois-Michigan State 1998. Best home atmosphere I ever saw as a student, my last illini game as a student, and a giant blowout win that led to a hell of a fun night out.
  8. Illinois-GCU 2019. Game not particularly great, but the first time I got to take my kids to an illini game, we were 3 rows behind the bench, and GCU’s home crowd was absolutely insane.
  9. Illinois-penn state 1994. Pretty sure I was about 1-2 rows away from Robert. Greatest atmosphere I’ve ever seen at memorial stadium.
  10. the Rose Bowl, 1/1/08. The scoreboard hardly mattered. THE ROSE BOWL.

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