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April 2, 2022 @ 06:35 PM

My Top Ten games I attended.

Honorable Mention: 2022 BB game vs. Iowa to win a shared B1G title.

10.) 2001 FB game vs. Wisconsin. In 1994 I visited a friend in Madison and went to that game. Wisky fans gave me hard time all dat and the friend kind of seemed delighted by that. Fast forward to 2001 and the friend is now in Champaign getting exactly what I got in 1994 from Illini fans.

9.) 1993 FB game at Purdue. My company I worked for at the time transferred me to West Lafayette. We started the season 0-3 and Purdue fans were confident they would beat us because they gave Notre Dame a good fight in a close loss to them. I went to the game with some co-worker Purdue fans. W for Illini that day.

8.) 1995 BB game at Purdue. Still living in W. Laf and had to listen to all the Boiler fans brag about their B1G title with Glenn "Big Dog" Robinson the in 94. Plus, still smarting over the 94 FB game when Matt Alstott ran all over our D and upset us in Champaign. The first 95 BB game was a little bit of vindication.

7.) 1992 FB game at Michigan. Living in Bloomington, IL at the time, my roommate was the older brother of Mich CB Dwayne Ware. My roommate got us tickets for the game and of course he was cheering for That Team Up North. It was nice to at least not get beat up in AA and come away with a tie.

6.) 1990 FB game vs, Colorado. The comeback win vs. eventually national champions. Most exciting game I attended as a U of I student.

5.) 2014 FB game at Northwestern. Since 1995, I have hated losing to NW in FB. Personally, I was going through a hard time in my life so our win up in Evanston gave me a bright spot at that time and something I really needed.

4.) 1993 BB game vs. Iowa. My birthday and one of my last games I would attend as resident of Illinois before being transferred to West Lafayette. After Iowa got that flukey bounce of Deon Thomas for the ball to go into the bucket to give the Hawks a 2 point lead with only 1.5 seconds to go, my friend wanted to leave. I said we are staying and Kaufmann's miracle shot went in.

3.) 1990 BB Game vs. LSU. I don't know how I lucked out but I got front and center A level tickets to this game and Shaq looked huge. They were #10 and we were unranked. Rennie Clemmons owned Shaq that day and we pull the upset.

2.) 2005 BB game vs. Arizona. I lived five minutes away from Allstate Arena at the time. There was no way I was not going to the S16 and E8 games and miss my team in my back yard. I paid over $500 for those sessions and it was well worth it.

1.) 2021 FB game vs. Northwestern. Since 1995, I have hated NW with a passion and its sad that is come down to them owning us lately. Very gratifying to see us finally dominate them from beginning to end.

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