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April 5, 2022 @ 06:23 PM

Most memorable. 10) 1978 football zero-zero tie with Northwestern (member of MI, had to sit through the whole thing. 9) Sept 23, 2000 football loss to Michigan, LeMonier's group of officials saw fit to award the ball incorrectly twice in the 4th quarter to Michigan, resulting in a loss of the beloved. 8) 2001 basketball Griffin's last second shot to finally take a lead and win over Wisconsin. 7) 1989 football win over OSU (only game I attended that season) 6) 2009 football win over Michigan, only football win over the Wolverines I have ever watched in person 5) 2003 BTT basketball championship win over Ohio State 4) 2019 football win over Wisconsin 3) 2004 basketball win over #1 Wake Forest (the previous game, win over Gonzaga in Indianapolis is close, too) 2) 2007 football win at Ohio State (one of 5 wins I have seen in person there)

  1. 2005 basketball win over Arizona in the Elite Eight

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