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April 6, 2022 @ 03:50 PM

While Frazier will go down as an all time Illini favorite for a variety of deserved reasons, I think we were overrated going into this past year largely because Curbelo was expected to be a huge part of our success. When he went down, expectations were not adjusted probably because of Plummers unexpected emergence as a high impact scorer. That said, our guards that logged the most minutes were all undersized and not multi dimensional in their skill sets, which made us easier to guard and easier to score against. Once teams figured out our inside/outside game with Kofi and the 3pt shooters, we were not nearly as effective in the 2nd half of the season. Two of our committed incoming freshmen (Epps and Rodgers) will go a long way in making us harder to defend, along with Dainja, especially if Kofi returns. Now add a few high impact transfers to that mix, and I can understand the optimism that Illini fans are feeling for next year. Underwood tends to get the most out of his talent, and I for one think that we may have a more talented team next year than we did this year. Molding and getting that talent to play together and play defense will determine how next year goes, and that will largely fall on the coaching staff.

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