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April 26, 2022 @ 05:13 PM

I'll claim some donuts on Buchanan, see comments from your "names to know" column.

One addition to your explanation on why having a strong 5 players is important - tie breakers. In the post season, the NCAA will break ties by sending all 5 players from the tied teams out in "sudden death". And all 5 scores count! Plus if there's not time to do this sudden death format due to darkness/weather then the first tie breaker used is which team had the best "dropped scores" total.

Agree the Big Tens should be interesting. On paper, this is the most competitive field in a while.

Also huge news recently that both ADDC and Kuhl are going to run it back again next year, so basically the whole lineup is back plus 1 new recruit (Voois). Of course, some other top players on other teams are also coming back so will be very competitive nationally, too.

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