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May 6, 2022 @ 01:26 PM

Love this analysis. I've tried stuff like this every year and failed more this offseason than ever before.

I hear we're in on Mayer from Baylor and Nance from NW. Nance is my preference because he's more of a 5. In theory we could get both.

I think some promises were made to get the two Clarks. They are going to be starting.

I think starting roles were also promised to Shannon, RJ, and Hawkins to get them on board or keep them. So we can add one more starter at the 5 spot.

(I contend that Underwood makes these promises but never really admits it. If he's stuck starting a guy that's struggling he'll start talking about how starting roles don't really matter. Then the guy transfers at the end of the season when he loses the guarantee going forward.)

Anyone good enough to crack the rotation at the 1/2 spot is going to want a larger role. You don't want to upset the Clarks when you have a pipeline of like 6 (?) brothers and 2 already on board. That's a gold mine. So we're going to live and die with the 5* there.

I'm kind of rooting for Hutch to come back for emergency depth at the 2 spot.

You can really only play 10 players (and the 10th guy doesn't get much time). Here's the 10 in rank order: RJ, Shannon, Clark, Hawkins, Dainja, Epps, Rodgers, Goode, Harris, Lieb.

Lieb is going to get bumped and Harris is perfect for the 10th man spot. Beyond that is just depth. Our 12th and 13th men could be developing on some other team.

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