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May 9, 2022 @ 11:58 AM

This was a super helpful perspective on something I always suspected, that the rankings were 90% click-focused 10% player-focused. I realize that ranking 2024 guys is a silly and inexact science here in 2022, but I think Morez is a great example of none of these "scouts" are doing the homework.

Is there an argument for James Brown ahead of Morez? Probably, maybe he's got more upside due to his different build, or maybe Meanstreets and St Rita are putting Morez in a role to put up better numbers and Brown will thrive in a different system. However, I don't think either of those things are obvious enough for every ranking service to have Brown 10-20 spots ahead of Morez. Which isn't to say that Morez should be higher in the ranking, just that the order of Brown & Morez seems silly given how all-state teams shook out, and how the EYBL has gone thus far.

Why is Brown higher? Thats something I'd like to know the honest answer to. My suspicion is some of it is Morez is already committed and its easier to click-bait with a guy who is uncommitted.

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