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May 9, 2022 @ 12:35 PM

Here's a decent example of what I mean. I clicked on the 2009 rankings on RSCI (so 15 years before Morez Johnson's class). Let's just take the player ranked 25th in each.

2009: Abdul Gaddy is 25th in the early rankings (before their junior summer). The individual rankings from each service that landed him at 25: 84, 14, 35, 9, 25.

2024: Donnie Freeman is 25th. The individual rankings: 20, 22, 33.

There used to be 5-6-7 services ranking players. And you'd get this wide variety (which could be condensed down to a "composite" ranking). Now we're down to three services (On3 is trying to be the 4th) and their rankings are all disturbingly similar.

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