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July 27, 2022 @ 01:15 AM

This is pretty fun. . ,.

  1. Illinois IU football 1990. IIRC, Jeff George had to mount a pretty nice comeback against a Vaughan Dunbar led Indiana. Cold as heck, but me and some HS football teammates were having a blast in the old upper Horseshoe sections, and we made ESPN because of it. . .

  2. Penn State 2012. Me, a buddy and about a dozen other people. But what a huge surprise win.

  3. Howard Griffiths coming out party 1990. How many times do you get to see an all-time NCAA record get set? Down 2 TDs to SIU early, it didnt start well.

  4. Wisky football at home 2007 (?) Regis Benn's freshman coming out party was pretty sweet as well.

  5. NW Wrigley 20011- walking out , looking at the purple friendly confines monstrosity and yelling " Paint it Orange!!!" My wife and I also chatted with a very funny and gracious Mr. Cub that day. RIP Ernie.

  6. Rayvonte Rice in the Bragging rights game. What an ending!!

  7. Tyler Griffey with the easiest but highest pressure wide open layup in Illini history. "They've done it Tess!!!!!"

  8. Colorado Football 1990. The worst safety call in history almost cost the Illini a hard fought win. We beat the eventual National Champions that day...

  9. ODD ONE FOR MOST: Liberty Bowl 1995. Road trip with some buds. The local press had already awarded ECU the victory, and a few of their fans sure bought in and talked the talk. 30-0 Illini shutout. When we hit the Hampton Inn breakfast at 5am coming IN from Beale as they were leaving for a long trip back. . . their mood was much more somber.

  10. Football victory at the horseshoe in 2001. B1G champs. I've never been back, and probably wont ever again. I don't have to. One of the best days of my life as a fan. Years later when playing Arena Ball, I met Ty Myers (Springfield, OH guy without a Buckeye offer who made the game clinching interception for the Beloved...) when I told him I was there and that I'll never forget that play, his face lit up like a scoreboard You can be damn sure he wont either. . .

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