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August 2, 2022 @ 06:51 PM

Great post. I guess technically though Bill Cubit wasn't fired as a coordinator, but his son was? What a weird time that was. Though I have to say in retrospect, Bill Cubit did a heck of a job with a "not ideal" situation.

Also, I just saw this gem of a quote from just weeks before he was fired:

"Illinois football coach Bill Cubit has a simple message for everyone that doesn’t think he will be there next year.

“Last year, when I was the interim everyone didn’t think I would standing here. I outlasted 20 of them and I will outlast another 20 of them next year. I will be here,’’ said Cubit on Wednesday when announcing his 22 newest Fighting Illini football players that will join the three already on campus giving Illinois a 25-man 2016 recruiting class."

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