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September 3, 2022 @ 12:24 PM

If only Nate had made his comment about your attitude without an attitude of his own. Let me first say that I love your writing, Robert, and appreciate everything you do.

Nate's point was legit (and I don't know who Nate is personally). Look at what you wrote in your SOC and your thoughts that it really isn't possible for the Illini to win their first road game of the season against a decent opponent because we never have. You made a strong case for how long that history is.

Last night's loss is not like many of those other losses. We legitimately have the best passing offense since Wes Lunt, and our defense is possibly better than last year's. We friggin stuffed their run game last night.

After watching the first quarter, I full expected Bazelak to destroy us once he dialed it in. A 5,000 yard passer against SEC defenses is a great quarterback, better than several others we'll see in the Big 10 this year. It took him until the 4th quarter before he finally found his touch with his new receivers. He will destroy some defenses as the year goes on. You've got to see that. I'm honestly impressed that we were able to hold him off that long.

There were a number of things we did that contributed to the loss and could have prevented it. One thing in particular would have absolutely prevented it - a decent pass rush. That's correctable. Look at the corrections and improvement our staff already demonstrated last year. That's more recent history that matters.

You're right about one thing. This program will return to where it belongs and you're going to be there when it happens. That time is sooner than you think.

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