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September 9, 2022 @ 11:46 AM

Thanks Robert!

No I didn’t finish these. I’m just so extremely frustrated with incompetence.

I said it before…why throw a halfback pass from your star running back who is being keyed on every play, on a shortened field, when your moving the ball? Some of the play calls and personnel? The corner blitz from the wide side? Having a brand new safety that has to get it right or it’s a touchdown in an obvious pass situation with multiple wideouts. Who the hell is calling that?
Chase gets laid out, is hurt. Then goal line comes up and you can tell he’s not a 100%. TE Reiman pass flare to corner-no Hightower jump ball in corner-no IW quick slant - no IW motion - pitch/run to pylon no. Trips Pick play - IW, Hightower, Washington - no Devito naked boot - No Let’s run the beat up RB into a tight formation while be keyed on….great effing calls I want to watch but when I get even into game highlights I just turn it off

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