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September 11, 2022 @ 09:17 AM

How about Mathew Bailey! We lost a safety to Wisconsin and we found a great replacement. Robert, if you do a check the tape, look for a play he made when he flew up and put a lick on the Virginia RB. It was like 3rd and long on the 20-25 yard line and he was playing deep on the west side of the field. Virginia threw a pass on the opposite side of the field and it looked like we had it covered but the RB spun out and looked to have some room to run. I watched Matthew back pedaled at the snap before I focused on the play. As the RB was turning up the field, I saw an Illini player fly in and land a blow. They didn’t bring the guy down but certainly slowed his momentum and he was soon tackled by others. I quickly looked for the guy that made the hit and it was Mathew. I was like “damn, where did he come from!” It reminded me of the play you covered in his high school tape where he came clear across the field and drilled the player short of the first down marker. A great play by a great kid and I am looking forward to watching him the next 4 years. Quad City kid doing big things!

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