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September 22, 2022 @ 08:41 AM

Well, call me cynical, but, I see a very experienced defense we are up against, with excellent pass rushers on either side; and as we well know, defense can keep you in addition, in Game #1, there were open receivers and plays to be made via the passing game and Wyoming's QB was putrid , and Nooga's passing game is better than Wyoming's (VA has a terrible O-Line and could not protect). The key to an Illini victory is how well Nooga's O-line can, hoping that I am wrong, however, I see a very difficult game tonight and will be happy to win by any margin!! Remember, we aren't far enough along in Coach B's rebuild to be able to say that we are over that "we can't be trusted" stuff! Let's hope The Beloved start to move past that tonight with a convincing win!!

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