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November 20, 2022 @ 09:57 PM

Robert, You’re not wrong. I think our culture in general has gotten pretty ugly online. I totally resonate with “Charlie Be Quiet.” We could have a long conversation around that. I don’t get the hate around the team. I didn’t have a lot of expectations this year. I figured down year and then Bielema will get us in a bowl in Year 3. Even though we haven’t been good, I always have some kind of long term thought process to how we’ll end up good. Anyway, this year has been a blast. I loved watching games and chatting on Slack. We’ve lost four games and really could have one all of those. What?! I don’t won’t to invalidate anything you said. Speak loud friend. I’ll just that you have way more football knowledge than the average person. True story: when you do CTT it’s like reading a different language for me. I skim it and mostly look at the summary at the end. I say that because I think I’m more the norm. So someone says, man the defense sucked and they just don’t know. Then there’s emotions. We all want to win. For most of us sports is an escape. The win extends the escape. The loss…. Emotions come out. For the life of me I don’t get why those emotions get posted online because I’m all “Charlie Be Quiet!” But others don’t have that internal voice. Or a filter. So when someone says something angry online I try to remember the escape and have empathy. Keep holding Illini nation to a better standard. And when the voice says be quiet, trust your gut and tell the voice it will be ok. Thanks for writing Robert.

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