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January 19, 2023 @ 03:28 PM

No. There's an unspoken contract between fans and players - we fans create the environment in which they can thrive and (possibly) become millionaires and they entertain us. College football isn't an Olympic sport like...I don't know...archery, where no fans means no problem (and more or less, no millions). Devon Witherspoon (and the Brown Brothers) will literally owe everything to the fans and, more generally, "the game". Yes, they have talent, and yes, they've worked harder than almost everyone else, but that wouldn't mean anything without the fans. Without us, there is no game.

So, when they made the choice they did they did it for themselves - I can't really blame them. But I can't pretend that I didn't lose a little respect for them either. Sure, on that afternoon in 2032 when they're waving at the crowd from the corner endzone of "2022 Team Day" I'll clap, but I'll probably be 25% less enthusiastic.

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