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January 25, 2023 @ 06:55 PM

I think Holtmann is justified in believing in long 2s, because Brice Sensabaugh is an anomaly when it comes to 2 point jumpers. Kind of like Ayo was in college (but even more drastic in Sensabaugh's case), or Demar DeRozan is in the NBA. They are so good at it, that it breaks the analytics. His true shooting percentage of over 60% is elite for someone with his volume and shot profile (most power conference players over 60% are bigs like Dain Dainja). I'm sure he and they wished they had more dunks and lay ups, but the lack of those AND the lack of efficiency on their jumpers show a strong defensive gameplan and execution by the team. Because earlier in the year there were teams who were abusing us on 2 point jumpers, especially against Dain's drop coverage, which has been pushed up higher as the season goes on because of it.

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