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February 15, 2023 @ 11:38 AM

There is no need to lash out at me. That is not helpful. I genuinely think that what I stated is true. If it is true that these vaccines have detrimental effects, that means that I have a moral duty to let people know regardless of what response I may receive. You can call me names, and I will not take much offense. Adhominum attacks though are not helpful. There is something going on, and to not see it is to remain willfully ignorant. If there are any reading this that are concerned about their health, there are potentially things that can be done to help you.

What do I have to gain from posting this opinion? I know what awaits me...a response such as yours which serves to block discussion of a legitimate concern. You seek to shame me. If what I state is true, then action should be taken. Responses such as yours, which is a response that is programmed, is one that I have seen conveyed in many mainstream media articles. A coworker of mine's lifelong friend just passed away at the age of 54 of blood clot to his heart. One of the many acknowledged adverse events associated with the injections is blood clots. We have a nurse in the family who is a hematologist. She has maintained for over a year and a half that she and the doctor with whom she works have seen a drastic increase in blood clotting. In their clinic / practice, they have officially in some cases attributed the clotting to vaccination. She and the doctor with whom she works are very alarmed.

Lastly, I have met you Robert and admire your work and can sense that you are a very good person. Thank you for what you do. What you call disgusting I consider a duty and will continue to alert people to what I see as a danger to all of humanity. Love you man...and I mean that. Even though I do not know you, I love you as you are my fellow man. Take care and you have my sincere empathy. This is the last I will post about the subject as this is your site, and I can see that this kind of comment is unwelcome.

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