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February 16, 2023 @ 08:35 AM

Rafe, I need you to fully understand why "this kind of comment is unwelcome".

If I had said my wife's friend died in a car accident, and you responded by saying she must have had Acme brakes on her car because you've seen the studies and you know that Acme cut corners during testing and anyone allowing Acme to be put on their car is basically asking for death, it's just as classless. Especially when the accident had nothing to do with brakes.

I know the details as to what happened, it has nothing to do with what you're suggesting, and your efforts to shoe-horn SOMEONE'S DEATH into your pet topic because of its insatiable "this just further confirms my thoughts - I must keep going" appetite are, in a word, disgusting.

And your canned, pre-written "sure, attack me and not the topic" response makes it even worse. You've shown no humanity here. And it doesn't seem to bother you.

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