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February 16, 2023 @ 11:27 AM

Canned and pre-written, you are presuming things that you cannot possibly know. I am a regular guy who does not post anywhere about this stuff. I shared my thoughts out of genuine concern as I do think that an act of genocide has been conducted. I am not disgusting, and my actions are not disgusting. Robert, you stated that she had died suddenly and that a woman dying in her 30s is not at all acceptable which led me to think you may have been eluding to the many cases of people dying suddenly that are littered daily in the news. I wasn't responding solely because of what happened to her as I know of people who have died and who have been injured by the vax. My stepbrother suddenly became anemic after being injected as did my neighbor. My sister-in-law treats people every day that developed blood clot disorders because of the vax. When you said "died" suddenly, I of course thought of all the young people athletes and non athletes that you can read about everyday that have died on the field, at home, at work, at school etc. Based upon how you have responded, you must not see those reports as they are not on your news feed. Well, I am aware and thought that instead of staying silent like I mostly have that I would try to alert those that may not be aware of the death and ruin of life that the jab has caused. If what I say is true, think about all of the Illinois athletes that have been forced to take the shot to participate in a sport to which they have dedicated their lives. Perhaps that is a story or "topic" that should be written. Perhaps someone should have defended them? Perhaps you should have made forced vaccination and diminution of bodily integrity a pet topic. Staying silent is how we lose everything: freedom of all sorts...speech, movement, privacy etc. So, I chose to use my voice and now know where you stand, and in relation to this topic will now remain silent on your site. What is disgusting to me is the degrading nature of your response. You are attacking my character and assuming you know my heart. You stated, "You've shown no humanity here." I spoke up knowing that there could be backlash but chose to speak anyhow as the cost of not speaking up is greater than me being shunned, degraded etc. That is showing my humanity, compassion, and empathy as I do not want to see anyone getting hurt. How many more people will be harmed by these jabs? BTW, the jabs cause harm and death in many ways. Imagine someone having a heart attack or stroke while driving. Will the cause of the death be attributed with the car accident or the heart attack which may have been caused by the jab. To conclude, I still admire you and your work Robert and wish nothing but the best for you, your family, and friends. You attacked my character and assume to know my heart and therefore my intent.

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