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February 16, 2023 @ 04:24 PM

My brother’s heart is in the right place. He was trying to convey information that has been censored by the MSM, and social media platforms at the behest of the government. This is now common knowledge thanks to the reporting of Matt Taibi and other renowned journalists that Elon Musi gave access to TWITTER’s e-mail communications with government agencies, politicians and internal. The fact that discussion on the negative effects of the COVID vaccines, contrary to the “official” narrative, can’t even occur without a guttural emotion-filled response, tells me the extent to which those that got the vaccines are indoctrinated to believe what they’ve been told by “official”sources. There is tons of information out there (studies in medical journals and testimonies from doctors that have been censored and smeared) that show that the vaccines not only aren’t effective, but are also harmful. I can understand why those that got the vaccine/boosters have a cognitive dissonance to information that suggests they may have made a horrible decision, but I think it is self destructive not to consider the opinions of dissonant doctors (and studies they site), and is disturbing to openly attack someone with a differing view. We should be able to argue respectfully on the merits of the facts, or just cordially say you are not interested in engaging in the discussion.

Having said that, unlike my brother, I don’t think I’d choose to try to initiate this discussion on Illiniboard. However, I understand why he chose to do so - he’s calling out evil as he sees it (in fact as 50% or more of the country sees it - but their views are censored).

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