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February 21, 2023 @ 09:18 AM

Robert/IlliniBoard Folk - First, this is your business run it as you like.

My perspecive as a subscriber: I am OK with you reserving the right to delete comments that are off topic. (Illini sports) and would prepfer not to have topics posted that are not about Illini sports.
Ever since Robert declared he quit his job to make this a business, the articles have trended more to be about Robert and less about the Illini. I am happy and sad for the events in his life but put that on Facebook. This is not why I come to IlliniBoard.

We keep hearing about why he stopped doing things - being in the press box, going to press conferences, asking questions in press conferences, doing LLUOI articles. Being unhappy to see his work being posted elsewhere. I think Robert should suck it up and start focusing on this as his business. He needs to ask his questions that fuel the articles that have his perspective. His articles will always be published first in IlliniBoard.

I have to go to Illinilloyalty to see his tweet on the Quad 1 - Quad 4 analysis. Why wasn't that a short article? I do not want to go all over the Internet to try to find his information. I subscribe to 247Sports / IlliniInquirer to get current information and their insights about the Illini. They are a business and seem to find a way to provide content that is worth reading.

Take the LLUOI - which Robert said he quit because it did not contain the senior season insights - or something like that. Well the senior season ended in November or so. and I do not recall anything yet about the recruits like the LLUOIs. I would be Ok with the old LLUOI with a senior season update. If this is a business Robert should be willing to do more work than when it was a hobby.

Or why has there not been much of anything about one of the biggest Illini sport stories of this year - WBB? Providing some more in depth articles about them and their games would be good and something a business providing Illini sports info should jump on.

I re read the last? newsletter I got in November about fishing in lakes - talking about not wanting to compete but finding his own spot, Fine and dandy but if this is a business then expect competition. Do not reject providing content just because someone else also has access. Use your fan/analyst/journalist skills and put together a unique article. Drop in tidbits like the Quad 1 - Quad 4 chart with a few comments to put in perspective like how future games could impact it for better or worse. Show / comment the Big 10 standings and what future might look like with each Big 10 team beating up on each other.

Sorry for length but frankly I am tired about reading about the process of writing articles. I want articles.

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