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February 22, 2023 @ 12:23 PM

We're behind you, Robert. When you write Illini words, I read them. When you only want to right words that don't have "Illinois information", I still read those too. I appreciate that I feel like I "know you" even though you don't know me. My wife knows your name. I talk to her about Illinois stuff and say things like "Robert said this" or "Robert did this thing" like you're one of my buddies. And that's comforting to me too - I get to read thoughts from an Illinois friend who has some of the same thoughts, feelings, and passion I have for the teams and the university. You've made me a better fan, both from a passion and knowledge standpoint. And when you write "other" articles and share other one-off stories, I take time to either think about the serious ones, laugh at the funny ones, and anywhere in between. Three hours of Robert on the highway? Some of my favorite listening.

Anyway, just wanted to post my support for you here. Next time I see you I'll make a point to shake your hand so I can tell my wife "no, see, Robert knows me too, I swear". Best to you and your family.

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