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February 23, 2023 @ 01:17 PM

Again another personal attack claiming I know a different Christ than your Christ. And it wasn’t a political attack aimed to educate - intent was concern for others health.

Jesus did overthrow the moneychangers and scourged them to get them out of the temple. That is an example of righteous anger. My brother (from his perspective) has righteous anger (like a very large, censored portion of this country and the world) toward the perpetrators of this vaccine. My brother tried to politely diffuse the potential of a vitriolic response, by explaining his intent in his first post in the “Check Back Tomorrow” article.

I do agree that he was inappropriate in his choosing of where and when to broach the subject. However, I disagree with making the assumption that Jesus wouldn’t call out the evil of the vaccine, and instead would stay silent in order not to upset someone. God’s word is supposed to be preached to admonish and correct (and encourage)us. Sometimes that upsets us - It’s called conviction. I know in many churches these days that there is no hard preaching that convicts a sinner to change their life to conform to God’s word. Instead what is predominately preached is a prosperity feel-good gospel. Everyone then becomes right in their own eyes, continues in sin, and is unable to discern truth. This is really a retort only to your assertion that Jesus would ignore the evil around him.

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