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February 28, 2023 @ 05:31 PM

I am 58, difference between my freshman year, 1982 and today is the same distance between 1982 and 1941. So it would be like, when I was at the Deluxe and some old-timer said, son we didn't care about rankings when they were shipping us to the south pacific.

I can talk about the Deluxe, my two brothers loved those sandwiches, talked about them all the damn time. When I got to Champaign, I thought they were good, but my brothers' hype probably limited my enjoyment of them some.

Anyway, do it your way. We have never met (my son and I went to Iowa game last year and I tried to find your tailgate but was unsuccessful, he wouldn't let me look at the bowl game - dad you want to say hello to some guy you don't even know?), but I enjoy reading your analysis of recruits more than any others. So keep in up and thank you.

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