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March 3, 2023 @ 12:15 PM

I was at this game (and the Wisconsin game earlier this season) with my daughters. One thing I've noticed in these trips is that we are NOT at a level of noise/intimidation as we were in years past. My 13y/o daughter was embarrassed by my "excessive clapping" because as she put it "you're the only one still clapping dad!" LOL, she was grabbing my hands and mouth at times to shut me up because I was acting differently than the people around me.

We were in the upper deck, but when you go to these games, that's your job people! Make some noise! It really makes a difference as you saw in the postgame interview with TSJ & MM commenting about it giving them energy.

Also, to the Orange Krush... Please don't start chanting "NIT, NIT" with a 7pt lead and 12 minutes to go! That's just begging for bad karma.

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