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March 6, 2023 @ 09:40 AM

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  1. Can't most/all of this season's results and inconsistency be drawn as a direct line to the lack of any point guards on the roster? I mean, college basketball is a guards game and we don't really have any true pg on the roster--and havn't since Clarke left. (Friendly reminder that this team's best wins came with Clarke as a starter).

After those Groce years, I hope BU has learned a lesson about going into a season so thin at the most important position on the court.

  1. My god the athleticism on this team is off the charts. That Shannon chase down block was amazing. And--it may have been the angle--but when Harris broke up that lob it looked like he was reaching above the top of the backboard.

  2. (Throat clearing) Refs didn't lose this game...but they kind of did. That should've been a flagrant for the shove Eddy put on Myers--two hand shoves against a vulnerable player could really cause a bad injury. Shannon was clearly fouled on the drive...and to follow that no call with a soft off-ball call is awful.

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