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March 11, 2023 @ 07:56 AM

Couldn't sleep last night, so started reviewing the games in my head and the charges that the team lacked effort. IMO, can't blame all the losses on that.

The team played hard through 40 minutes against Virginia, Iowa, at Indiana, Maryland, and B1G tourny vs. Penn State--all losses in nip-and-tuck games. Just when the clock ran out we were tucking when we should have been nipping.

They dug themselves into deep holes and couldn't recover against Purdue, at Columbus, home and away vs. Penn State, home vs. Indiana, and at Northwestern.

Didn't show up at all against Mizzou.

Yes, they were inconsistent as charged, but maybe not as hopeless as some feel. Probably in part because of the huge turnover. That said, I don't know what we will get next season with BU concerned about possible 6 transfers, losing Mayer and Shannon.

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