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March 17, 2023 @ 08:14 AM

A big problem I noticed, was we didn't have "The Man". We had some guys who wanted or thought they were "The Man" but couldn't consistently be that guy. When TSJ found "The Man", we were pretty difficult to stop. When Mayer had his "The Man" moments, we were competitive. But too many times they tried to put on "The Man" boots and failed miserably. It seemed like Hawkins never really wanted to be "The Man" but showed maybe he should have been. Hopefully Hawk returns and assumes the role of "The Man". Otherwise, I'm not sure who we have that can step up big when we need a shot.

Not having a PG was painful too. Many times we would get the defensive rebound and it seemed like the rebounder never really knew who to throw the ball to causing us to sputter before we even crossed half court.

Monster failed Mayer. He definitely seemed like he needed one or two of them these last two games.

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