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March 17, 2023 @ 08:43 AM

I think maybe the cable was disconnected but Brad just kept yanking on it anyway in the hopes that it would somehow work. Mayyyybe if I pull it just one more time. crosses fingers Nope.
My worry with Underwood is that he doesn't seem to have a system or principles he truly believes in, other than indefinable toughness and grit / intensity. He came here with the press everything defense / shoot quick offense. It didn't work at all so he scrapped it. Then, as you described, we had the Ayo / Kofi years and those teams worked but flamed out in the tourney. But it kind of felt like we weren't actually playing the type of ball Brad wanted to, we played that way by necessity based on our roster.
Then going into this year, Brad supposedly builds a team more to his liking with interchangeable parts so we can switch everything on D and play five out offense. And then THAT gets scrapped midseason after it doesn't work. I just don't know what kind of basketball Brad actually believes in and wants to play. Does he? Is that even important in today's game, or is it better to collect talent and try to mold your style to whatever your roster ends up looking like?

I'm rambling. Anyway, let's see how this offseason goes. Sigh.

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