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April 19, 2023 @ 10:19 AM

And not a mention of the FPI, which predicts 6.8 wins and an 11.9% chance of winning the division (WISC 47.9, Iowa 20.1, MN 12.1).

Absent injuries our DL will be better than last year when it was great. Our LBs I think will be better. We will miss dark, but I think Calvin will come back stronger from his injury and we have young guys to replace Dark. Barnes 23 is better than Barnes 22. Secondary a step back but maybe the DL gives QBs .3 of a second less time than 2022 and it covers this some. I really liked our D in Tampa, and other than Quan and Dark, that D is back. Offense who knows. I like the line with maybe another portal addition. RB is deep without a headliner. WR is clearly improved. QB has talent at the top just not experience.
I like this team better than 2022 Iowa and they had a chance to win the division.

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