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May 19, 2023 @ 11:53 AM

Bingo. Kids come in as freshmen and aren't here long enough to understand the coach and where he's coming from and can't have that moment where it clicks like I'm sure guys like Trent had. Any motivational technique from yelling to benching can be met with "I'll just go somewhere else, then!"

OR someone comes in as a 5th year senior from another successful program and tunes out the yelling/shuts down because "this coach doesn't know me" or "I've been treated better by x coach who has won # games/championships, how dare Brad yell at me." (Thankfully, TSJ seemed to embrace it. Others...maybe not so much).

Either way, I agree the question is whether 1a. the employer think it crosses line...but 1b is whether it impacts recruiting.

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