The future begins now. Or at least it began last Wednesday.

Nov 21, 2008

Since we're just getting started with this thing, it's time for a "when the Illini win the Final Four in 2011, I'll link back to this post and everyone will be all worship-y" post.  Here's hoping that, when I link back to this one, doesn't get all pissy about me stealing their "Behold the Future" image.

See those gentlemen in pink over there?  They're about to lead Illinois to it's first National Championship.  The first, third, and fourth gentlemen (DJ Richardson, Brandon Paul, and Joe Bertrand) all signed last Wednesday, along with 6'-9" Tyler Griffey (gotta have pick-and-pop big men to go with great guards).  The other gentlemen, Jereme Richmond, will sign next November, along with another great guard and another great big.

It'll break down like this:  The 2007 recruiting class was full of several solid 4-year players.  The 2009 recruiting class contains a few 2 or 3 year players (and then off to the NBA).  The 2010 recruiting class is full of a few "they might be one-and-done" players.  So right when Demetri McCamey, Alex Legion, and Mike Davis are reaching their peak during their senior season, and just as DJ Richardson and Brandon Paul are coming into their own, fab freshmen like Jereme Richmond will be enjoying their only season in Champaign.  Stars. Aligned.

See you in Houston.


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