Nebraska Postmortem

Oct 01, 2017

I'm just going to call this series Robert Calls His Friends And Talks Illini Football With Them. "Hey, did you listen to the latest RCHFATIFWT yet?". This week I call Andrew, aka IlliniRanger around these parts, to talk Nebraska and the long road ahead.

And again, these post are raw. It's just a recording of an entire phone call, start to finish. Next up on IlliniBoard - I take a photo of all the players I circled on the participation chart this week while researching the 2019 depth chart and publish it as its own post.


mattcoldagelli on October 02 @ 10:48 AM CDT

Ha, I might be an outlier, but I'm thoroughly enjoying "Deconstructed IB."

I will now be extremely disappointed if we don't get a scanned image of a participation chart chock full of chicken scratch.

Sweetchuck13 on October 02 @ 01:31 PM CDT

I enjoyed this one too. Even though it's a little off-topic, it's always sort of fun to hear everyone rehash their own little history of Illini fandom and how it intersects with our memorable years.

ATOillini on October 02 @ 06:24 PM CDT

I thought this was fun as well. The opening with the phone ringing and the rather unenthusiastic "hello" was classic. Plus kudos for the Joe John reference. Safe to say he's delighting in our current status.

stigmata35 on October 02 @ 08:02 PM CDT

I really enjoyed listening to that. That was really entertaining.

I was really down after this last loss and I even took a break from sites like this and social media because everyone, except for maybe you and Jeremy Werner, is so overwhelmingly negative and angry. However, listening to this kind of put things in perspective.

I expected two wins heading into the year so it's not like my expectations were sky high. However after this last game I don't even know how we can win another game with this OL and QB? Even to beat Rutgers, which looks better than last year with their 5th year QB transfer, we're probably going to have to win the turnover battle by 3+ and have a couple of defensive touchdowns because I don't see how this offense puts together 20+ points against a B1G defense. It's just so frustrating and painful to watch.

I know it's a been there done that kind of feeling but I just need to be a little more patient. At least Rutgers doesn't travel that well so I don't have to watch so many opposing fans celebrate right next to me which is a real kick in the stomach.

That Wisconsin game is going to be brutal to sit through.

McAdoo on October 02 @ 08:40 PM CDT

I'm really surprised that some are saying there's a ton of negativity and anger around Illini Football because I actually don't see very much of it on Twitter and Facebook. At least not as much as I would normally expect to see for a team that hasn't looked all that great even with all the roster issues Illinois currently has.

I think there's plenty of patience out there. Now, maybe I'm wrong about that because we just saw Lovie announce today that he's changing quarterbacks. Although I think that's more just the fact that Crouch has been bad rather than Lovie maybe thinking he's coaching for his job this year or something.

Illinimac68 on October 03 @ 08:32 AM CDT

He's not coaching for his job this year. It's not up for a vote anyway. Josh Whitman is committed to Lovie long term and won't change because of a little fan grousing or even a lot of fan grousing.

Gary48 on October 03 @ 10:12 AM CDT

I think the change to Jeff George is right on the money. I was in the stadium on Friday night and the offense had no life. With Jeff and our great receivers we have a chance to move the ball.

jdapisa on October 03 @ 10:37 AM CDT

These are great, Robert. Really enjoying them after each week.

illiniranger on October 03 @ 11:06 AM CDT

Here's some quick hitter thoughts:

JGJR and Cam Thomas will get a chance to play this year. I think Lovie realizes that he isn't going to sniff a bowl game so he's going to try and figure out if he has next year's QB on the roster now.

As I reflect on all the Petrino offenses over the years the only "run first" type QB he's ever coached is Lamar Jackson. Petrino, and hence McGee, are more about the drop back passing game and a QB that can hurt you with his feet if you aren't honest. Nate Scheelhaase in 2010 and 2011 is a great example - good not great runner who moved the ball through the air. I think that's why we aren't seeing Chayce Crouch run it 30 times a game. Not what McGee wants to do. So i think JGJR is actually a better fit for the O upon reflection than Chayce.

Our OL is just not there yet. Say what you will about the QB play but 80/20 rule tells me the OL is the real problem. Considering we will be starting 3x FR when Kramer is healthy we have a long way to go (probably 2 more years) before we really put together a B1G quality OL. In my mind this is where the problems on the O are much more than QB play or play calling by the OC.

Bear8287 on October 03 @ 01:17 PM CDT

... we have a long way to go (probably 2 more years) before we really put together a B1G quality OL. In my mind this is where the problems on the O are much more than QB play or play calling by the OC.

This seems to be an excellent summary. Winning in the B1G playing 20 FR? Even with their recruiting classes, OSU and UM would have trouble.

Next year, there will be another round of FR in the lineup and it will most likely look like SO and FR on the field. Win in the B1G with the vast majority of the starters underclassmen? That would also seem unlikely.

2019: a squad of mostly JR and SO... at least that has the appearances of having a chance to make some noise.

2020: finally a squad with upperclassmen leadership and hopefully the recruiting has held up and there's also a good crop of talented underclassmen with a few of them able to contribute immediately (I'll take another Arrelious Benn or two please).

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