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Oct 10, 2017

I really need to find a name for these. Robert Calls His Friends And Talks Illini Football With Them is a little clunky. Maybe something snappy like Call Center? Or Calling Card? Nah, that's lame. Phone Tag? Better. I'll come up with something.

For now, here's my phone call last night with Craig of Craig Has The Scout on IlliniBoard dot com fame. And again, these are raw. Just an uneidted phone call from beginning to end. As someone said last week, Deconstructed IB.


illiniranger on October 10 @ 03:36 PM CDT

you need to keep it RCHFATIFWT because it's as raw as the audio

rml on October 11 @ 06:47 AM CDT

I'm always nervous about something. in this one, it was the comment that Iowa has the worst secondary that we'll see. One of my take-aways from watching the game on TV was that their receivers were generally wide open, and ours were generally well-covered (at least the ones that the cameras covered). From that angle (and TV broadcasts are awful for watching the secondary), Iowa's secondary looked way better than ours. If that's the worst one we'll see (apart from our own), yikes.

CraigG on October 11 @ 08:54 AM CDT

The good news is that Rutgers is now being depleted with injuries, so they definitely have the new mantle of worst secondary Illinois will see.

Sweetchuck13 on October 12 @ 09:43 AM CDT


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