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Nov 25, 2017

OK, seriously, don't listen to this. It's like 10 minute of me going on and on about the weird vibe around Northwestern football. The players come off after the win and this hype dude is running around like a fool and this other dude is holding up a sign that all the players have to touch before leaving the field - I just cringe at all weird coach stuff like that.

But hey - that's just me being bitter because my world is owned by Patrick Fitzgerald. He is my daddy. Totally and completely pwn3d.


ATOillini on November 25 @ 08:21 PM CST

I admit I've never understood your ongoing disgust for Fitzgerald. What advantages do they have over us? How many 4 and 5 stars do they recruit (of course that opens up an entire different discussion regarding Wisconsin)? They're 9-3 (7-2). We're 2-10 (0-9). That's all I care about.


We have no receiver that gets consistent separation

We have no pass rush

We have no pocket pass protection

Fill in many other random deficiency you wish here......

Today's classic moment for me: In the second quarter it was 7-7 and we had the ball. Thomas scrambled. For a second I thought maybe he had a first down. Instead it was third and one and dread immediately came into my mind. Sure enough two plays later we've failed on 4th down, and two plays after that it was 14-7 NW. This is Illinois football (at the moment).

I watched the Whitman speech this week. Probably the best thing to do is go along with what he said. Stay the course. Be supportive. And I hate to use the word hope, but hope it improves.

MoCoMdIllini on November 25 @ 08:21 PM CST

I can't say I've seen their team that close up--we were at Penn State and our seats were closer to the sun than to the field--but I can say without a shadow of doubt that their fans are likewise weird.

jfinsocal on November 25 @ 08:52 PM CST

PSU football is a cult - some worship Paterno the way that Squeaky Fromme worshiped Manson. Back to the topic - Illini will rise from the ashes have faith in the process.

MoCoMdIllini on November 26 @ 08:19 AM CST

I heard from a nursing student at PSU that they get some kind of "community engagement" points for going to games and they are necessary to receive a degree.

But I was referring to the Northwestern fans I hitched a ride with. They were downright strange to me.

bkenny on November 25 @ 08:56 PM CST

I have but one dream. Please please please fat lineman carry Fitzeeā€™s purple a** in 2019 and/or 2020 and forever after that.

illlinizeeman on November 26 @ 04:59 PM CST

80 True Freshmen, RS Freshmen and Sophomores on a team of 100+. I don't know why there needs to be much discussion beyond that. The rest of it is a constant rehashing of the facts: 1) the best programs have had good ADs and made good coaching hires that have stayed for 10+ years; 2) we have envy of said programs; 3) the consequences from 1 and 2 are that there will be a constant doubting of the AD, head coaches, complaining about losing top IL recruits, etc....

It's like we're going through the house cleaning in Poltergeist.

illlinizeeman on November 26 @ 05:29 PM CST

From the podcast, I hope you're feeling better. Yes, '97 was worse. As far as them celebrating like idiots, they haven't been there before nor will they ever 'been there before'. Fitzy is wacko on the level of PJ Fleck, but PJ celebrates in the locker room.

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