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Nov 25, 2017

I wanted to talk to three people after the game: Ahmari Hayes as a follow-up to our camp conversation, Bobby Walker, walkon who keeps playing more and more and is pretty much our blocking tight end at this point, and Dre Brown who has fought through so much to finally get these first string carries.

And Ahmari Hayes' is very, very honest about some things. You should listen.

Ahmari Hayes

Dre Brown

Bobby Walker


jdapisa on November 25 @ 10:47 PM CST

Wow Robert. That Hayes interview was awesome. Feel like that won't get play anywhere else but that's good stuff man.

illiniranger on November 25 @ 11:19 PM CST

Damn. Hayes ripped the staff.

Bear8287 on November 26 @ 05:43 PM CST

Different interpretations on "ripped" maybe...

First, Ahmari, that scholarship wasn't "free". You most certainly earned it.

Second, when you go through a program and it looks you'll get "your turn" when you're an upperclassman and then the coaches change or the coaches change their approach and that turn never comes, it sucks. Life moves on. Ahmari seemed to understand what the coaches were doing and why they were doing it. It doesn't necessarily mean that he has to like it. He seemed pretty supportive of the Freshmen.

One thought after listening to Lovie's postgame presser, he could've spent a little time thanking the seniors for being there and playing hard and helping the younger players get better. They deserved to be thanked for their important contribution towards helping to build a better program at Illinois.

Best wishes to Ahmari for future success and admission to UC Berkeley or Irvine for graduate school.

jfinsocal on November 26 @ 04:43 PM CST

The Hayes interview is one of your best Robert - he comes across as being very smart and honest.

illlinizeeman on November 26 @ 05:49 PM CST

I do feel bad for the seniors and juniors that have been sidelined for the "future".

jfinsocal on November 26 @ 06:10 PM CST

Kendrick Foster sure had some ups and downs over his career. He got to play this year because of attrition but otherwise he was buried deep after a good year in 2016.

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