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Oct 13, 2018

Worst loss since... Arizona State 2012? That was the first year of Beckman, so I don't think that really "counts". Has to be the worst loss since Minnesota 2011 - Ron Zook's final game. That team laid down and died that day. Which sounds somewhat familiar. More on that in the postgame post. For now, he's From The Stands (from the parking lot).


neale stoner on October 13 @ 08:57 PM CDT

Geez, I laughed it off after your Samuel Barber tweet, but now you have me suicidal again. Let’s give it a few more weeks.

Watty309 on October 13 @ 08:58 PM CDT

You ARE the voice of the fans!

Dickbupkis on October 13 @ 09:06 PM CDT

Robert, I hate to say this, but I think you should have gone to that press conference. I totally agree with not interviewing players, but maybe it's time to confront Lovie and Josh. You have a unique position with the University, and possibly unique in all of college football. I don't know if there's another blogger who sits with the press. While I feel it is somewhat unfair to apply pressure because of your success, I think you could make a difference. While I listen to "From the Stands" every week, none have affected me like this week's. "From the Parking Lot" says it all. You are first and foremost a fan, and you speak for all of us. Your access, while totally earned, comes with a responsibility to speak for all of us. You need to let the powers that be know that we are hurting, and hunger for something to hold on to.

I am an alumnus, and a fairly generous I-fund donor. About 10 minutes after the Rutgers game, I got a phone call asking for a donation. A small part of me was impressed that I was targeted on a Saturday, but I mostly found it pathetic. We need to be better.

Thanks for everything that you do. Go Illini.

illiniranger on October 13 @ 10:05 PM CDT

Holy smokes, 10 minutes after the Rutgers game? That’s bananas.

HiggsBoson on October 13 @ 09:43 PM CDT

Lovie himself said that he and the coaches didn't prepare the players. Someone should ask why not, since that's what he's being paid millions for. I don't get the impression that Lovie really cares whether they win or lose, he's guaranteed big money for the first 5 years of his retirement. That stuff about building character and molding young men seems kind of bogus and not managed very well, too, when you look at the turnover in the program.

MuckFichigan92 on October 13 @ 10:58 PM CDT

Agree about owing an explanation about not being prepared. If we can't prepare for PU who can we? The staff made this so much more difficult than it was. Fans were turned on by winning aB1G game. Its Homecoming. It's a rival, the closest campus in all of the B1G, but it's not a marquee matchup. How does the DIA expect anyone to return if the team gets routed at Homecoming to a bottom-half conference foe? All that staff money the DIA unearthed and we suffer this blowout on Homecoming? Continuity be damned but Nickerson has to be replaced.

Alaskan Illini on October 16 @ 09:26 AM CDT

I read it more as Lovie taking the mantle of responsibility himself instead of throwing the players under the bus. As the leader he does bear responsibility for the results (or lack thereof), but the players played the game (or in this case, didn't).

Lou-a-villini on October 13 @ 10:19 PM CDT

Am I the only one who can’t find the audio link?

Lou-a-villini on October 13 @ 10:39 PM CDT

Edit: Found it.

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