Dad's Day

Nov 03, 2018

I reference my dad a lot on here. He's the reason I'm sitting here typing these words. In a few weeks it will be 25 years since he passed away suddenly in 1993. So whenever I know about a similar story, I want to share it. And Dre Brown was kind enough to share his story.

I've said before that I'm hyper-sensative on Dad's Day. I remember how great Dad's Day was in 1991-1993 and how awful it was in 1994 and 1995 without my dad. So whenever I see the players dads wearing their sons jerseys, I think about the players who have lost their dad. That has to be impossibly hard, right? To do the Illini walk with all your teammates and your dad? I know that most players have a fill-in, which is great, but still - has to be really hard.

I noticed that Dre pointed to the sky after his long touchdown today. So I waited around (he was mobbed by several reporters) to talk to him one-on-one about it. You know the "two ACL injuries" side of the Dre Brown story, but you might not know the "lost his dad when he was eight" side of his story. I talked to him before hitting record and he said he was open to talking about it.

Yes, the point to the sky was for his dad. Yes, he had someone walk with him today - his father-in-law (Dre got married over the summer to Lindsay). I guess I can just stop writing and let Dre tell you the story.


George on November 03 @ 08:11 PM CDT

OK, I've liked what you did before. This one got my money.

darenberg on November 03 @ 08:46 PM CDT

What a wonderful conversation. Thanks for sharing that.

illiniranger on November 03 @ 10:07 PM CDT

Great interview. Our players deserve to have their stories told.

Boneyard Surfer on November 03 @ 10:13 PM CDT

Robert, Thanks for reminding us that every Illini player has his own story. Each one is trying his best to play well, win, and bring happiness to us fans.

They all deserve the great feeling I'm sure they had in the locker room after the game.

deadguy on November 03 @ 11:54 PM CDT

He would have had one last year if it wasn't for Carmoni Green's hold in the NW game.

So happy for Dre and the upperclassmen who have stuck with this team through so much adversity.

NA was playing on another level today. You could see from the stands how much this game meant to him.

Douglascountyillinifan on November 04 @ 08:41 AM CST

Sharing the human side of these phenomenal athletes is what you do best, sir. Thank you. Nate Hobbs has a similar story on t.o.s. that I was unaware of as well. This one struck especially close to home for me because I lost my pops 10 years ago this week in a house fire.

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