Braggin' Rights Night Contest

Apr 30, 2018

I think this is the sixth year we've done this: the Cardinals give me four tickets and four giveaways for Illini Night, and we hold a contest to see who wins 'em. This year, it's not just Illini Night, it's Braggin' Rights night. Orange and Blue vs. Black and Gold.

The Illini/Cardinals jersey they're giving away? That's it right up there. If you win the contest, you get four of those jerseys plus four tickets to the game. Hmmm... maybe I should give out some of the details here.

The Game: Cards vs. Phillies, 7:15 pm, Friday, May 18th, Busch Stadium

The Event: Braggin' Rights Night. They're combining Illini Night and Mizzou Night this year. Before the game will be similar to the last few years - band, cheerleaders, players signing autographs, and on the mound for this year's first pitch: Coach Underwood. Hopefully he gets to stand on the mound with Cuonzo wearing a shirt that says "EJ is ours" (perhaps a recruiting violation).

What You Receive If You Win: 4 tickets (they've typically been lower deck near the foul pole) and 4 of the jerseys above.

The IlliniBoard Contest: Send me your best Braggin' Rights story. It will probably be basketball related, but if it's football related, I'll accept that too. The best story (hopefully) about beating Mizzou and your celebration with friends and family wins the tickets.

I'll announce the winner on Thursday morning. So between now and then, email me at and give me your story.

And if you don't win? You can still go (duh). Ticket packages for Braggin' Rights Night are available here. Don't let Miznoz have more fans there. Please. I'm begging you.

That's it. Get to writin'.


Bear8287 on April 30 @ 02:06 PM CDT

I say that they should go even further in mixing together this combo and take the Illini orange and pair it with the Tigers' black to create orange and black jerseys. The Cards should then choose a San Francisco Giants' game for the date.

Cards fans decked out in orange and black for a home game against the Giants. Sounds about perfect.

(Yeah, I grew up in the Northwest suburbs, so ...)

illiniranger on May 01 @ 04:46 PM CDT

one thing i find interesting is that generally speaking the Chicagoland alumni don't care about this game nearly as much as the St Louis region alumni. It's easily the biggest game of the year for me in any sport - much bigger than any single conference opponent in basketball for sure.

if you are a Chicagoland alumni reading this, and you've never been to the game, hard recommend you attend. the atmosphere is electric and there is a palpable disdain between the two fanbases.

Bear8287 on May 01 @ 11:05 PM CDT

one thing i find interesting is that generally speaking the Chicagoland alumni don't care about this game nearly as much as the St Louis region alumni.

Are we talking about the real "Bragging Rights" basketball game or some St. Louis Cardinals baseball game promotion?

Obviously, I'm not a big Cards baseball fan and when they ran an "Illini" promotional night at the ballpark, at least it was an Illni promotional event. So now they've decided to combine it with a promotional night for Miznoz too? Gee, couldn't they also get WUStl and SLU in there?

I dunno, maybe if someone gave me free tickets, transportation and a Phillies cap to wear, I might consider it. :-D

illiniranger on May 02 @ 02:20 PM CDT

the basketball game

illiniranger on May 01 @ 04:43 PM CDT

i wish i had a good story. they basically boil down to "i went to the game, and it was fun." i got to take a picture with Dana Howard after this year's game. that was pretty cool.

i do think i'm like 5-2 all time at Braggin' Rights basketball games, but that's kind of par for the course since we dominate that series.

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