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Jun 13, 2018

And now for the least-informed LLUOI post in history. A junior college wide receiver joins the 2018 class on June 8th (which is after the 2018 class has already arrived on campus for summer school) and his junior college film is set to "private" online meaning I can't watch it.

So here's what we have to go on in evaluating this recruit:

  • High school film from the fall of 2015 - no public junior college film exists as far as I can find.
  • The fact that he had no offers from any other school and was likely not going to be playing college football anywhere until we offered in May.
  • No rating from any scouting service.
  • No online evaluation/scouting service article listing his strengths and weaknesses.

How does one write an evaluation based on that? How does one give a rating to a player like that? And why are we adding this player?

The last one seems simple. We were expecting 5th-year transfer Jalen Greene (from USC) to join the team this fall. But a few months after that was announced, we find out that Greene is headed to Utah State instead. Admissions issue? Off-the-field issue? Just thought Utah State was a better opportunity? We don't really know - we only know that Greene will not be in Champaign.

Three days after it is announced that Jalen Greene is headed to Utah State, we offer a 2018 juco receiver who was originally from Champaign (and played at Centennial HS) - Dominic Stampley. Those dots are fairly easy to connect. We need reciever depth pretty badly this season, Greene is now gone, there's a Juco kid originally from Champaign who is still available.

What can we learn from his high school film? Very little. The player he was in 2015 speaks very little to the player he can be in 2018. I can tell you he's a shorter receiver, more on the muscular side than the cat-quick side, and I'm assuming that Rod Smith sees something he can use in that. Beyond that, there's not much to evaluate.

Mostly, this recruitment reminds me of Raphael Barr. In June of 2014 we found out that Matt Domer hadn't qualified (he ended up at Bowling Green). With an open scholarship and needing offensive help, we added California juco wide receiver Raphael Barr to the 2014 class (and then he immediately enrolled and was on the team that fall). Barr never really played and 5th-year transferred to South Alabama after the 2015 season.

That seems similar to this. Greene gone, need some offensive help, juco from Champaign is right there. The good news: he was still available. The bad news: he was still available.

So with nothing to really use for any evaluation besides "he was still available", I pretty much have to go with one Tom Cruise. Yes, there are Mike Davis recruits who are somehow still available the summer before school starts, but most of the time, it's gambling on a Raphael Barr when he's probably better suited to go to South Alabama.

Dominic Stampley - one Tom Cruise.


ATOillini on June 13 @ 11:39 AM CDT

Great news! In the graphic above the Illini have 36 points with 6:51 to go in the second quarter. Looks like our offense has really improved.

alotofpeoplegotoschoolfor7years on June 13 @ 12:57 PM CDT

Well played, lolol

BigRedIllini on June 13 @ 10:14 PM CDT

Dominic Stanley improving the offence from the get go! :)

BigRedIllini on June 13 @ 10:14 PM CDT

Dominic Stanley improving the offence from the get go! :)

NJJ87 on June 16 @ 09:48 AM CDT

The offensive explosion is promising, but why are the Marching Illini on the field playing the 3-in-1 with 6:51 to go in the 2nd quarter? Perhaps we've upgraded the halftime show and so they were bumped to an earlier available slot? Maybe Zeppelin is reuniting and decided that an Illini halftime show was the proper venue?

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