The 90 Illini - 45~41

Jul 27, 2018

This always seems to happen. I make the list, I'm climbing my way through the list... and then someone transfers, leaving a hole in the list. This time it was cornerback Evan Jones who was set to be #45 on this list. So I'll replace him with a player on the roster who cannot play this season but will likely figure heavily in the rotation for 2019 and 2020.

45. Camilo Eifler

Transfer from Washington / Originally Bishop O'Dowd High School / Oakland, California
Redshirt sophomore (sitting out this year with 3 years to play 2)
Tom Cruises: 3.5

What I Know About Him:

Normally I wouldn't put a transfer who is sitting out on this list. But, as explained above, I had a hole in the list with cornerback Evan Jones announcing yesterday that he's going to transfer. Jones was a defensive back added by Bill Cubit in the 2016 class. Behind Nate Hobbs, Cam Watkins, and Tony Adams, he was the only cornerback with any experience, which is why I had him as a second-string CB on my depth chart and #45 on this list. But apparently he looked at the seven defensive backs Lovie brought in with the 2018 recruiting class and saw that he might not have a future here. Which means I put one or two of those freshmen too low on this list.

Anyway, Eifler is the linebacker who transferred this summer from Washington. He played as a true freshman and as a sophomore at Washington but found himself third-string at linebacker this spring. With his sit-out year still available, he chose to transfer to Illinois. Why Illinois? Because defensive coordinator Hardy Nickerson was the head coach at Bishop O'Dowd High School until 2013, so he would have coached Eifler in HS during his freshman and sophomore years.

What I Expect From Him:

Well, nothing. He has to sit out the season after transferring. He can practice, and he'll be out there at training camp for the fans to see, but he can't play until the 2019 season.

I think he can be a very important player in 2019 and 2020. He was a four-star recruit in high school with all kinds of major offers, so he's likely a more talented athlete than anyone other player in the linebacker room. This year the coaches will get to see that on the scout team; next year they'll get to see it on the field.

44. Kendrick Green

Offensive Lineman
Peoria High School / Peoria, Illinois
Redshirt Freshman (4 years to play 4)
Tom Cruises: 3.75

What I Know About Him:

He was the second highest rated player in the 2017 class (behind Ricky Smalling). And he had one of the best offer lists of any recruit in the class. He came down to Illinois or Iowa, but his other offers included Notre Dame, Ole Miss, and Arkansas.

Last season, he was one of three freshmen who redshirted. And all three were on the defensive line. But all three redshirt freshmen are not on the defensive line because Kendrick Green has switched back to offensive line. As a recruit, some schools were offering him as a defensive linemen and some were offering him as an offensive lineman. With the depth the team showed on the DL last season, it's over to the less-deep OL for Green.

What I Expect From Him:

I'm guessing he'll be groomed as Nick Allegretti's replacement at right guard in 2019. Allegretti has one more season of eligibility, so he'll be starting alongside four sophomores this season. That's the one spot open on the line after this season, and it will probably be quite the battle next summer at training camp.

This year I'm guessing will be another adjustment. He spent a full year learning defensive line, so this year I'm guessing he spends the year learning OL technique. So put me down for "doesn't play very much as a redshirt freshman but is then maybe leading the pack for the right guard spot in 2019".

43. Coran Taylor

Peoria High School / Peoria, Illinois
True Freshman (5 years to play 4)
Tom Cruises: 2.5

What I Know About Him:

I didn't intend to put both Peoria High School recruits right next to each other on this list, but here we are. Taylor was the first recruit of the 2018 class, choosing Illinois only a few months after Kendrick Green did (Green was a senior and Taylor a junior when they committed). Both of them led Peoria to the state title in 2016, and now both will be on the offense at Illinois.

Taylor was probably a little under-rated by the scouting services, mostly because he committed a year early. Had he gone through the recruiting process, I think he would have had a lot of offers. Not only as a quarterback, but as an "ATH" who could end up at wide receiver or safety some day.

What I Expect From Him:

The backup QB spot is WIDE open right now. Heck, the starting QB spot is wide open. There will be every opportunity for Taylor and the other two freshmen (plus the senior transfer AJ Bush) to get on the field this year.

What do I expect? A redshirt. Or at least a four game redshirt with the new rule in effect (you can play four games and still retain your eligibility now). If I was the coaching staff, I'd sprinkle in some mop-up time here or there (in games we're winning big and in games we're losing big) but limit it to four games. That way, next season, Cam Thomas is a junior and the others are all freshmen and you have some balance to your QB room.

42. Jimmy Marchese

Stevenson High School / Vernon Hills, Illinois
Junior (2 years to play 2)
Tom Cruises: not rated (was a walkon when he arrived)

What I Know About Him:

Well, I know he was arrested in the offseason for allegedly stealing a deer statue from a park and putting it on the roof of his apartment building. So I'm guessing he might be suspended for a bit at the beginning of the season.

He also just got put on scholarship this past offseason. On Christmas, actually. He and Bobby Walker were both given scholarships for the 2018 season.

What I Expect From Him:

He pushed his way into the lineup last year, even starting the Rutgers game. Which is why he was put on scholarship, I'm guessing. If a guy pushes past the scholarship guys and into the lineup, that guy should get a scholarship.

But I'm also guessing that the arrest took a serious bite out of his momentum. Especially if he's going to be facing a suspension. It's really difficult, especially when some freshman linebackers are coming in and will fight their way into the rotation immediately. Often times, when a player is facing a suspension, they'll practice but they'll practice with the fourth string. So he might have a long hill to climb to get back into the rotation. (A hill he's climbed before, mind you.)

41. Ethan Tabel

Barrington High School / Barrington, Illinois
Redshirt Sophomore (3 years to play 3)
Tom Cruises: not rated (walkon)

What I Know About Him:

Last year there were two longsnappers. Sean Mills handled the "longs" (snaps on punts) and Tabel handled the shorts (snaps on field goals and extra points). In the offseason, Mills transferred to Toledo, so this year, at least to start, Tabel will handle both jobs.

But there is a freshman longsnapper coming in (Ron Gaines III from Simeon HS). So I'm sure that both jobs won't just be handled by Tabel. He has the experience, but snapping on punts is more than just snapping - you're one of the 11 tacklers - so there's a chance he'll have to fight off Gaines for that job.

What I Expect From Him:

Hmmm.. been a long time since I did that. I wrote out the "what I expect" part under the "what I know" part. Let me think how I can wrap this up.

Ethan Tabel snapped the shorts, and the guy who snapped the longs left, so now he's going to fight with a freshman for the longs while he probably has the shorts locked up since he's the returning starter and probably has a good rhythm with holder Blake Hayes and kicker Chase McLaughlin.


PapaDels4me on July 27 @ 09:35 AM CDT

First off, I had a laugh out loud moment with #45, Eifler. "What do I expect of him?" "Well, nothing. He has to sit out the season."

But then it got a little bit surprising to me when that was sort of the theme for all 5 players.

45, Eifler sit out

44, Green learn OL technique for next year

43, Taylor expect redshirt, albeit with maybe a little PT under new rules

42, Marchese battle his way back from likely suspension

41, Tabel Hey! Actual PT, but maybe 1 spot, maybe 2 special teams spots

Not a complaint that these are your expectations, just a reaction that I was surprised that here we are in the 40's and the expectation is for little to no playing time. We're still not very deep, are we? that was my take away. Right or wrong, that was my take away.

PapaDels4me on July 27 @ 10:03 AM CDT

OK, so I have no idea how that last post got all fonted up. If it could be edited down to normal size I would appreciate it. I tried to do it myself, but failed.

Robert on July 27 @ 04:54 PM CDT

I was able to fix it. Something screwy is going on with editing - I haven't been able to edit parts of posts recently. Brumby was able to fix that - I'll see if he can fix this as well.

Bear8287 on July 28 @ 12:19 PM CDT

Something screwy is going on with editing...

Just noticing this now?

Seems like it's been at best intermittently not "screwy" since IlliniBoard switched to this system. Even when editing does work, I often still get an error message saying that it didn't...

Bear8287 on July 28 @ 12:42 PM CDT

Brumby was able to fix that - I'll see if he can fix this as well.

Oh, hey, while you've got Brumby fixing things, can you have him take a look at this too? (Not the first time that this has been mentioned either...)

Suppose that you want to go back to the 90-86 post on June 4th. It's pushed off the 1st page and if you scroll down to the bottom of the forum page there's a list of numbers to go back to previous pages. Clicking on the "2" takes you back to most recent previous posts and on that page appears "The 90 Illini - 90~86".

Clicking on the title text takes you to:
Where the reader will get the following:

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Now if the link had instead been formed like this:
(go ahead and click on it), everything works fine.

This is an easy fix and you really don't need a Ph.D. in Computer Science to fix it. Just remove the "/forum/page" portion of the string from the generated URLs on the pages higher than 1 and everything should work fine.


Bear8287 on July 29 @ 07:04 PM CDT

...almost a year and half ago...

From: Fair Shake

March 04 2017 @ 11:05 AM CST

Just as a note to the site admin (Brumby?) that the links to past articles that are posted on forum pages > page 1 are forming incorrect url's.

For example the "Looks Like University Of Illinois - Mike Epstein" article:


is formed (which fails) instead of


which happens to work. Just FYI.

Sweetchuck13 on July 27 @ 10:17 AM CDT

I may be wildly off base here, but I'll predict that you have Tolson and Taylor both listed too low. For some reason I think they'll both see the field quite a bit this year.

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