Training Camp 2018 XII - Freshman Interviews

Aug 11, 2018

There's only one opportunity each summer to interview the freshmen, and it's a mad scramble. So I'm going to be honest - this isn't my best performance. I ask some of the same questions over and over. I forget to turn the recorder off sometimes. I really should take this audio, clean it up, and put it into a podcast, but I don't have that kind of time.

So here are interviews with six freshmen. Highlights: talking to Sydney Brown about growing up playing football in Canada and talking to walkon Jordan Holmes from the metro east about Imo's Pizza vs. Chicago Deep Dish.

Defensive back Sydney Brown

Walkon wide receiver Jordan Holmes

Defensive tackle Calvin Avery

Defensive back Kerby Joseph

Defensive back Jartavius Martin and linebacker Khalan Tolson

(I forgot to turn the recorder off between interviews)


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