Training Camp 2018 X - Beard Talk With Lovie

Aug 09, 2018

Remember back in 1983 before most of you were born when they'd have that TV promo stating "tonight, on a very special Gimme A Break, Joey deals with bullying"? You don't? I forget how young you are. Anyway, today, on a very special Beard Talk, I get to go one-on-one with Lovie Smith and discuss his new beard.

The music in the background? The players got ice cream after practice. So the music guys played ice cream truck music as they were heading off the field. As one offensive lineman stated as he was heading towards the music, "if they don't have ice cream over there, this is the cruelest trick ever".

(They had ice cream over there.)

So here's Lovie on why he grew the beard, whether he has any beard idols, how many of his players and coaches are now sporting beards, and what I should do with those gray patches that are growing in on my face.

Somewhere, Jack Cornell is smiling. But you can't tell. Because of his beard.


MadProf on August 09 @ 10:09 PM CDT

That’s some awesome sauce right there.

HiggsBoson on August 10 @ 12:42 PM CDT

Well, that put a smile on my (bearded) face. Love it, Robert. And sure enough not something you're going to get elsewhere.

Gadwallgetter on August 12 @ 10:57 AM CDT

Funny that I have checked this site every day for many years....Just now realized what Robert looks like. Let alone that you have a beard. Been sporting a beard for 14 years....embrace the gray! Great interview.

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