From The Stands - Kent State

Sep 01, 2018

Man, I was white hot. The decision to run a play with 1:20 left (instead of taking a knee) set me off. I just cannot believe that decision was made. I was going to ask a question about it in the postgame press conference, but I would have come off as some angry fan (which, I guess, I was/am). Decisions like that leave me so uneasy. The tailback flipped in the air - in my mind, coming close to fumbling - when we could have kneeled-out the game. I'll probably never get over it.

So here's me ranting about it for 11 minutes. No, seriously, it's all I could talk about.


jdapisa on September 01 @ 04:31 PM CDT

If your logic is true that us only beating Kent State by 7 means we will lose every Big Ten game, then Michigan State's season is lost as well. Of course we looked bad, but it's the first game. Week 1 is weird. Just win and move on - and hope the suspensions are only for 2 games.

HiggsBoson on September 01 @ 05:08 PM CDT

Why are you still using that crappy audio player that has no sound controls in a browser?

mrozny on September 01 @ 05:44 PM CDT

Don't look at Penn St either, since their seasons must be over as well. I will actually say that I am more optimistic about this game because we seemed to get in a rhythm and figuring things out as the game went on. Coming out of halftime and looking like they knew what they were doing is something we haven't had in a long time. I am hopeful that the tweaks that were made can be utilized going forward and is more telling of what the team is than the first half of the first game of a season for a extremely young team.

danny on September 01 @ 07:31 PM CDT

The team rebounds to score 28 second half points, a promising running game, the potential for having a real QB and a goal line stand to close out the game and all I get is 11 minutes about a play that didn’t happen. A minute or 2, but 11 minutes. Enjoy the win Robert, we haven’t had that many recently.

Sweetchuck13 on September 02 @ 11:41 AM CDT

I agree with this. Maybe the running play was worth mentioning briefly, but this wasn't that big of a deal that it warranted 10 out of the 11 minutes of this recap. I get Robert's point, but for me the clock wasn't that obvious at the moment that we could just kneel it out. There's plenty to talk about here, both good and bad - not sure why this hypothetical play needs to dominate.

thumpasaurus on September 02 @ 09:32 AM CDT

Lovie damn near Kevin Steele’d himself. When that play happened I jumped up and yelled GO DOWN GO DOWN TAKE THE WIN OH MY GOD KEVIN STEELE

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